what is film faced plywood

The film faced plywood is a kind of popular building material that used as the concrete formwork panel. Because of the strong density, the high recycle times, the competative price of the film faced plywood, more and more contractors of the building are buying the film faced plywood instead of the steel formwork panel.

So, how is the process of producing film faced plywood?

First, All the veneers’ are jointed well by the workers, all the sheets are bonded by the high density phenolic resin- the best phenolic WBP glue that can resist 72h water boiling and no delamination. The core of the plywoods are made up by the A grade Eucalyptus wood veneers.The the prefinished plywood are press one time by the cold press machine.

Then, the faces are coated by brown films that are with the advantaged like anti-aabrasion, ultraviolet resistance, deformation-proof, anti-corrupt etc. All the finished core plywood are via two times high pressure and temperature, and both sides are sanded well.

Based on the above performance, they are easy to be installed, cut, sawed, drilled and can be with stood high concrete pressure(70KN). And they can be dismantled easily and the time is only 1/7 of the other steel mould. The concrete finish is smooth after dismantling, Also they can keep surface warm and can be comfortably used for construction in winter.

As well, the wooden H timber beam and the pine LVL scaffolding plank panel are the necessary panels that used in the formwork system.

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